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TPFF WA Fashion Through the Lens

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="20588,20603,20602,20601,20600,20599,20598,20597,20596,20595,20594,20593,20592,20591,20590,20589"] Photos & Words: Olivia Senior Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (TPFF) is known for showcasing upcoming and creative fashion talent. But for the WA Fashion Through the Lens exhibition, some lucky guests got to enjoy not only the works but the company of two incredibly talented photographers Stefan Gosatti and Christian Blanchard, who…
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Rolex at Smales

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="20573,20574,20572,20575,20576,20577,20578,20579,20580,20581,20582,20583,20584,20585"] Iconic watch brand Rolex unveiled its latest collection in Perth, straight from Basel World, thanks to Smales Jewellers. The watches, which ranged from $10K to over $150K (if you like a little bling), were on show at Tribe Hotel West Perth, were Perth's fashion set and a few VIP clients got the…
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Caballitos Opening Party!

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="20556,20542,20543,20544,20545,20546,20547,20548,20549,20550,20551,20552,20553,20554,20557,20558,20559,20555,20560,20561,20562,20563,20564,20565,20566,20567,20568,20569"] Photos: Shot By Thom If there is one thing that gets us excited, it's an epic bar launch... and Caballitos is no exception. We've been hearing rumours about this place for ages, and the hype lived up to reality (YASSS love when that actually happens!) It's a small basement bar, with a cool…
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The Resident Opening Party

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="20513,20514,20515,20516,20517,20518,20520,20522,20523,20524,20525,20527,20528,20529,20530,20531,20532,20533,20534,20535,20536,20537,20538,20539"] Photos & Words: Olivia Senior Welcome to The Resident, the newest and trendiest bar located in Nedlands. For the VIP Opening, guests were asked to wear white which was fitting to its atmosphere but dangerous if holding a pink fruity cocktail which everyone was greeted with on arrival. The space was airy…
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Welcome to D-Town Launch

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="20496,20497,20498,20499,20500,20501,20502,20503,20504,20505,20506,20507,20508,20509,20510"] Photos: Shot By Thom Welcome to D-Town is the new book by Perth blogger and all round sensational woman Beverly Ligman. The guide to a very shitty part of life is full of hope and great advise from the woman herself... And with a slogan of "For the kind of young and…
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Sage Hotel First Birthday

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="20472,20473,20474,20475,20476,20477,20478,20479,20480,20481,20482,20483,20484,20485,20486,20487,20488,20489,20490,20491,20492"] Words & Photos: Olivia Senior Sage Hotel celebrated it’s first birthday the only way they know how, with delicious food and drinks and an even better crowd. The grazing table stole the spotlight but it was the arancini balls guests couldn’t get enough of. Drinks poured and the room progressively got louder…
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[gallery type="rectangular" ids="20340,20341,20342,20343,20344,20345,20346,20347,20348,20349,20350,20351,20352,20353,20354,20355,20356,20357,20358,20359,20360,20361,20362,20363,20364,20365,20366,20368,20369,20370,20371,20372,20373,20374,20375,20376,20377,20378,20379,20380,20381,20382,20383,20384,20385,20386,20387"] After 20 amazing years... this was the final ever StyleAid. Titled ICON, it was the last fashion ball for the WA Aids Council, helping raise finds to get a cure and help those living with Aids. The night pulled out all the stops, with an epic runway show and the best entertainment…
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[gallery type="rectangular" ids="20345,20421,20422,20423,20424,20425,20426,20427,20428,20429,20430,20431,20432,20433,20434,20435,20436,20437,20438,20439,20440,20441,20442,20443,20444,20445,20446,20447,20448,20449,20450,20451,20452,20453,20454,20455,20456,20460,20462,20463,20464,20457,20458,20459,20461,20389,20390,20391,20392,20393,20394,20395,20396,20397,20398,20399,20400,20401,20402,20403,20404,20405,20406,20407,20408,20409,20410,20411,20412,20413,20414,20415,20416,20417,20418,20419,20420"] STYLEAID ICON - celebrating 20 years of StyleAid Photos: Ryan Ammon
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[gallery type="rectangular" ids="20319,20320,20321,20322,20323,20324,20325,20326,20327,20328,20329,20330,20331,20332,20333,20334,20335,20336,20337"] Rippa PR held their 3rd birthday bash at the Raffles Hotel, with clients and talent dancing the night away.  
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