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Cuban Club 2018

 Photos: Olivia Senior Cuban Club 2018 was agin the place to be to celebrate the New Year! We've always suggested the best way to cure a NYE hangover is just to keep going... And that's exactly what Perth's infamous New Year's Day parties are all about. Plenty of A-list headed to Cuban Club for a…
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Linneys Manari Collection Launch

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="22279,22280,22281,22282,22283,22284,22285,22286,22287,22288,22289"] Photos: Alan Chau Famous Perth jewellery brand Linneys has launched their new collection. The family affair also included VIP clients and A-list to get a sneak peak of the Manari collection, which is inspired by Australia’s outback coast.
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[gallery type="rectangular" ids="22255,22256,22257,22258,22259,22260,22261,22262,22263,22264,22265,22266,22267,22268,22269,22270,22271,22272,22273,22274,22275,22276"] Photos: Olivia Senior VIP opening of Ice Cream Factory! Epic pop-up space in Northbridge full of drinks, music, micro-festivals and (yes you guessed it)... ice cream! All the info you need is here!
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Cirque Du Soleil’s Toruk

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="22235,22236,22237,22238,22239,22240,22241,22242,22243,22244,22245,22246,22247,22248,22249,22250"] VIP's, local media and sporting identities, models and insta famous glamour gals lined up to get a snap on the Blue Carpet with two of the Na'vi from the cast of Cirque Du Soleil's Toruk The First Flight. Amongst the crowd was Cam Cranley with his sister, Richie Strahan who avoided the…
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SRWA 2017 DAY 2

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="22146,22147,22148,22149,22150,22151,22152,22153,22154,22155,22156,22157,22158,22159,22160,22161,22162,22163,22164,22165,22166,22167,22168,22169,22170,22171,22172,22173,22174,22175,22176,22177,22178,22179,22180,22181,22182,22183,22184,22185,22186,22187,22188,22189,22190,22191,22192,22193,22194,22195,22196,22198,22199,22200,22201,22202,22203,22204,22205,22206,22207,22208,22209,22210,22211,22212,22213,22214,22215,22216,22217,22218,22219,22220,22221,22222,22223,22224,22225,22226,22227,22228,22229,22230,22231"] Photos: Olivia Senior WOW! What a runway! Amazing location, a sandy runway and stunning WA designs, plus the unmistakable prints of Camilla, hitting the runway for Day 2 of SRWA 2017.
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SRWA Manning Cartell

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="22068,22069,22070,22071,22072,22073,22074,22075,22076,22077,22078,22079,22080,22081,22082,22083,22084,22085,22086,22087,22088,22089,22090,22091,22092,22093,22094,22095,22096,22097,22098,22099,22100,22101,22102,22103,22104,22105,22106,22107,22108,22109,22110,22111,22112,22113,22114,22115,22116,22117,22118,22119,22120,22121,22122,22123,22124,22125,22126,22127,22128,22129,22130,22131,22132,22133,22134,22135,22136,22137,22138,22139,22140,22141"] Photos; Olivia Senior On the stunning boardwalk of Point Fraser, Manning Cartell showed off their latest collection for Telstra Perth Fashion Festival's Swim Resort 2017 show.
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Forever Beautiful VIP Night

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="22065,22056,22055,22064,22063,22062,22061,22060,22059,22058,22057"] Photos: Tash Drummond-Hay With the stunning backdrop of Fresh Water Bay, guests sipped champagne and got to see the latest in skin techniques from Forever Beautiful Medispa and beautiful fashions from Flannel.
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Gourmet Escape 2017!

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="22052,22051,22028,22029,22030,22031,22032,22033,22034,22035,22036,22037,22038,22039,22040,22041,22042,22043,22044,22045,22046,22047,22048,22050,22049"] Just a snippet of the stunning event that is Gourmet Escape!
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Perth Festival 2018 Launch

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="22004,22005,22006,22007,22008,22009,22010,22011,22012,22013,22014,22016,22017,22018,22019,22020,22021,22022,22023,22024"] Photos: Olivia Senior Perth Festival 2018 has over 60 events and exhibitions, and the picture perfect Chevron Gardens is back at Elizabeth Quay. As well as Writers Week and the beloved outdoor cinema at ECU Joondalup Pines and Sommerville. The 2018 festival boasts a strong programme of music, featuring classical and contemporary…
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