Party with a Dinosaur

Images courtesy Foundation for the WA Museum. Photographer Daniel Carson.

It's not often you get to party with a dinosaur... Yes a dinosaur.

The Foundation for the WA Museum and Artefact Circle invited guests to get on the floor and walk a dinosaur.

As reno's continue at the Museum of WA, over 200 guests were exclusively invited to check out Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous exhibition, featuring more than 23 moving, life-sized animatronic models that move and breathe with thrilling lifelike accuracy.

Entertainment was huge with aerials, live drummers, fire twirling and DJ FADJ keeping the crowd dancing with the dinosaurs plus tarzan and jane were on hand for a photo or two with guests Jungle Juice Cocktails, plus flavourful food for carnivores and herbivores set for a great night

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