The Events Crew

The Perth Events Crew… We break it down!

The Instafamous

This one gets us every time… because we think we know them! We don’t!

We just know what they had for breakfast, their dog’s new trick and their favourite teeth whitening or skinny tea flavour.

But with an Insta following that rivals a small country – these girls have pull.

The Journos

These guys have real, highly competitive, day jobs… but dammmm do they look good on camera.

They’re smart, eloquent, recognised by the public and often take a killa selfie (got to know your angles, right?). Often also moonlighting as MC’s, it’s common knowledge that journos also love a drink…. Or six.

The Money

Well basically, they’re there cause they’re rich. Money talks. And if you can rock up to a Tuesday night pop-up shop in a $2000 Balmain blazer, you’re in.

Art and fashion events rely on people to splash the cash, but it’s the charity events that benefit most from the generosity of the western suburbs crew, and boy do they know how to donate!

The Bloggers

Camera strap around the shoulder? Blogger. Yes, this crew is tight. Real tight.

Bloggers in Perth are a small and highly connected group that share photographers and content for brands willing to pay. But with their legion of fans and perfectly curated shots, they’re a must have at every event.

The Models

Grady, Sarah, Olivia… Just a first name is needed for Perth’s best models.

They make events look smoking hot, in socials photos and in life. Enough said.

It’s Fashion Darling

A central part of many events in Perth (think TPFF, StyleAid and Suited Events), Fashion Designers are the holy-grail of creatives.

They ooze cool, and have often collaborated with many other creatives in the city – making them well connected to the other “cool kids” around town.

A Fashion Sub-Set; The Stylists

Good stylists have three things in common… They hang out with cool people, they have great fashion style (derrrr) and they are super friendly (I guess it’s all that chatting on set?).

Which makes them a great asset for events. They seem to have multiple connections and happily chat to dozens of people, with no social awkwardness! Winning.


Speaking of social awkwardness… The Husbands and Boyfriends.

It’s wonderful when we get a plus one, we get to bring the Mr. for a night out (and by out we mean a 6pm kick-off and an 8pm shut-down). Turns out though, many of our other halves, don’t know a great deal about schmoozing.

Often left standing in the corner holding your drink, while The West ask you for an ‘outfit shot’, the HABS don’t like to participate in small talk, preferring to stand by the bar eating their weight in prawn skewers and then leaving too tipsy to drive home.

The Perthonalities

And finally, the holy-grail of the events scene…

With a finger in many pies, they are often a former reality TV star or an athlete who have now snagged a media job.

They have a top-notch social media following, can draw a crowd and have the art of small talk down pat.

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