What’s in the space between the living and the dead?

From those brought back to life, we often hear of out-of-body experiences, bright lights and moments flashing before their eyes… But what if you arrived in a longer purgatory, where you meet others in the same limbo?​


The Black Swan Theatre Company’s new show Coma Land explores the world of a child prodigy who has slipped into a coma. There, in the spaceless world of Coma Land, she meets others all needing to figure out there purpose or risk being stuck forever.

Writer and Director Will O’Mahony told Scenestr essentially the play is about a father’s love and the impact this has on their children.

“Everything I write is always personal so there’s a lot of my own experience in growing up with my own parents inside the play.

“There’s a very fine line between love and hate, so all characters in the play have a complex relationship with either the father in their lives or the daughter in their lives, I do feel it will speak to anyone who’s had, for better or worse, a relationship with a parent. I’m hoping that for anyone who sees it, it will resonate with them.”

The two central characters Penguin and Boon are on the opposite ends of the spectrum - one has a father who loves too much and the other a father who doesn’t love enough.

Coma Land lead actress Kirsty Marillier, a WAAPA graduate now based in Sydney, says she was taken aback when she first read the play.

“It’s incredibly clever, eloquent piece with some beautiful themes at its core.

“I’ve always really been interested in work that is magic realist or surrealist in some way. Stories that will transport an audience and allow them to open up their perception of the world. Coma Land does this in various ways.”

This funny and enlightening play will pull at the heartstrings.

Coma Land is on at the Studio Underground from 20 July to 6 August 2017: GET YOUR TIX HERE


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