RQCC 2017; Fighting for a Reason

Photos & Words: Olivia Senior

The annual black tie RQCC event took off at Crown Towers last night seeing both males and females with no previous fighting experience take the ring.

It’s an event known to take everyday people, throw them out of the comfort zone and into a physical and emotional challenge.

After the red carpet arrival and a few too many champagnes, more excitement circled around the room ready for the competitors to take on ten bouts of three by two minute intense rounds.

For us the highlight fight was the blonde bombshell twins from Married at First Sight, with Sharon in the blue corner taking out the fight... And had partner Nick cheering on ringside.

But the blood, sweat and tears aren’t all for nothing.

What comes with an exhilarating experience for these ladies and gentleman, and an exciting night for guests, also helps raise money for Australia’s sick and disadvantaged children.

Of course, the most touching part of the night was the beautiful dedication to Ben "Aqua Man" Beale, who died while training for the event.

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