Diner En Blanc 2017

Photos & Words: Olivia Senior

If you were in Fremantle on April fools day, then you may have noticed a lot of people dressed in white, walking down streets and around corners with chairs, tables, signs, baskets, flowers, decorations, food and drinks - it wasn't a joke, they were all headed to this year’s Diner en Blanc.

The sold out event asked all guests to wear the same pearly colour, also withholding the venue location till the day of. This year it was Fremantle Esplanade.

Street envy surrounded the park as everyone flocked in looking for friends and family. Picture this: white… everywhere, elongated joined tables, fairy lights, flower installations, delectable looking food platters, champagne and music, and although it’s some what a joint effort by the guests having to dress up and supply some of there own ornaments, it’s the what makes it such a special evening and helps to create a fonder memory of the night.

As always a VIP area was set-up and open for people to relax in, inside was a beautiful flower installation  and drinks being served, however it was only used for a short period of time before people realised that their own tables and the dance floor were way more fun.

A special moment was shared when everyone got to light their sparklers, the venue became a park full of kids whizzing them around playing and laughing.

The night ended with more champagne, some dad moves and I’m sure some unwanted stains.

À la prochainem! (until next time!).

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