Midlandia Launch

Photos & Words: Olivia Senior

If you live in Midland you've probably heard about Midlandia, a festival showcasing unique talents and comedy acts.

It kicked off last night for a special VIP launch. Inside was a beautiful venue setting, colourful arrangements, fairy lights and food trucks - a perfect way to start the night before heading to the back of the venue for a premier of '360 Allstars'.

This circus didn't contain clowns nor acrobats, just seven guys showing off some extra-ordinary moves and abilities with an urban aesthetic on stage. Although it was under a circus tent, calling it a circus was a bit far off, it wasn't the 5-star entertainment expected.

However, the street appeal and the alternative twist really worked as a performance and the audience did enjoy what they saw. Overall it was a lovely night and there is big hype surrounding the comedy acts so get over there is you have the chance.

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