Let’s all get CASTAWAY

Photos & Story; Olivia Senior

It’s the day in Perth that makes having a mate with a boat very handy. Those lucky enough boarded at there local yacht clubs and others lined up and hopped on the nearest express route, praying that the clouds would go away and it wouldn’t be a choppy ride we all started to head over to Rottnest Island. Some had coffees in hand for the early wake-up call and others cracked a fresh frothy to get the ball rolling, but what we all had in common was the excitement for the huge island party we call Castaway.

As soon as foot jumped from sea to land we could hear the sounds from Perth DJ and producer Palais. We made our way down to the stage located on the beach and it was when vocalists Your Girl Pho joined him on stage for his unreleased song ‘instant crush’, good vibes were spread and an afternoon full of day-time dancing had started.

People were still hopping onto the rock but a larger crowd had surfaced for Morgan Bain. Something about his voice, authentic and soulful, hit everyone with a relatable feeling, giving us the ability to feel and move without questioning.

Everyone had now arrived, just in time for Bag Raiders.

The sandy dance floor was full, shoes came off, and so did any care in the world when they played ‘Shooting Stars’, making everyone jump and scream. But taking place for most special moment of the day was when they started to play ‘Sunlight’, strangers wrapped arms around each other and everyone sung to the song so loud and with so much passion that the sun actually came out to play for a few minutes, as soon as the song ended it became over-cast again. We all just looked at each other and wondered ‘did that really just happen’.

Jarryd James certainly gave us something and certainly helped us remember.

Before we knew it Gang of Youths were putting on an unforgettable show, stage diving into the crowd and grabbing everyone’s attention for the last set of the day. Taking out most memorable moment was when ‘Magnolia’ was played because we all became filled with that feeling of being so happy that you want to cry.

It was a day well spent surrounded by good music, company and well worth having to get Monday off work.

See you all again in February for Rufüs, The Kite String Tangle and more Castaway adventures.

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