Share by Curtis Stone Lunch

Media and travel industry VIP's were invited aboard the Emerald Princess to taste Curtis Stone's new restaurant SHARE.

After a tour of the ship decks, where we checked out the pools (yes, multiple) and the pubs, bars (line dancing or bingo anyone?) and theatre (where we are told they host a Voice of the Sea competition complete with red spinning chairs).

We then headed to beautiful SHARE by Curtis Stone, to enjoy a multi course feast. The highlights? Green Curry Ravioli and the toffee cheesecake dessert.

With the restaurant decor based on the Chef's own home, the restaurant is the standout on board.

Of course cruising has a reputation for attracting the older generations and, from the passengers we saw getting on, we can't deny that... But we can see the attraction. A floating sparkly city with all you can eat and drink poolside, sign us up.

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