PICA Salon Vernissage 2016

PICA’s latest exhibition Radical Ecologies was launched on Saturday 30 July with PICA Salon Vernissage - an exclusive, invite-only affair reserved for PICA’s ART1000 Donors and Sponsors.

With snakes and insects making an appearance courtesy of Reptilian Queens and 50,000 bees positioned in the gallery as part of Mike Bianco’s interactive Bee Bed, the event was a sight to behold. Bio-artist Stelarc also thrilled crowds with his robotic arm exo-skeleton and Pony Express’ Ecosexual Sauna was another highlight.

Guests enjoyed botanical cocktails and the wonder of Radical Ecologies - an exhibition which promises to push boundaries.

The exhibition runs until September 4 and features 18 Western Australian artists exploring and questioning the complex relationships with our own bodies, with each other and with the natural world.

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