WA Models used as Catfish Bait

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We know that WA produces some of the best models in the world… but now scammers are catching on, with WA beauties being used as catfish bait on social media.

Stunners Grady Wulff and Emma Ferguson have been targeted, with catfishers using their photos as profile pictures on infamous hook-up site Tinder.


Grady who appears as “Zara, 18yrs” had her profile stolen last week, saying she was shocked.

“To be honest I was creeped out and pretty annoyed.

“It angers me that people think stealing people's photos to con others is ok.

“But it also scares me that whoever is using it is in Perth, as told by their Tinder location. It could be anyone, we just don't know.

“The unknown is a bit confronting," she said.

Emma, who has recently moved to Sydney from Perth appears on Tinder as “Olivia, 19” with the tag line “Skinny flat white, extra hot.” – whatever that means.

She said it was tough seeing it, especially considering she was only alerted to the fake profile from a friend.

“An old friend from high school sent it to me asking if I knew about it.

“I've never had or used Tinder before so to find out that someone is using my identity whilst online dating is really scary.13407032_10208252205175939_7246947766851858740_n

“What is even scarier is I have no idea what their purpose is for using my identity.

“It just makes you realise your images and what you post on social media is never only yours.”

Neither of the girls is on Tinder – so reporting the catfishers is hard. But both the girls used their real Facebook profiles to highlight the issue.

“I put it on Facebook to build awareness of the person who is using my photo and in hope that people actually using tinder would report the profile.

“I also emailed the contact email address on tinder.com for PR enquiries and to date they haven't replied!” Grady said.

“It's scary and quite annoying as I know our photos are out there for the Internet to see but that gets us exposure.

“It’s part of our job (as models) and people need to respect that.”

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