Lizzy Quay Opening

Well she’s finally open!

Elizabeth Quay was officially opened on a scorcher of day, with crowds lining up in the sun for the Premiere to officially cut the ribbon.

Once in, the people with children headed to the “water park”… just follow the smell of chlorine. Children were losing their minds in the fountains trying to keep cool.

So we headed straight for the bar.

Embargo is a double-story shipping container pop-up bar, surrounded by some sensational food trucks. Here, at least, there were a few spots under the teepees to catch some shade.

Around the other side of the inlet is the Fringe World Fairground – with roller derby, carousel and Limbo as the show in residence.

All up Lizzy Quay takes 10minutes to walk around, and with no shops or restaurants open yet it’s still a little bit quiet… But with plenty planned to go in in the next few years – we hope it will become a buzzing precinct in the future.

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