Au Naturel in 2016


Editor Gemma Walsh shares her favourite organic beauty products...

By Gemma Walsh

So like the vast majority of the female population I made a few little New Year’s resolutions…

The "Only eating dark chocolate” one lasted a day. A day.

But taking some chemicals out of my life was something I thought sounded like a good plan. And when organic products are now so easily accessible (and positively luxurious) I said sure, let’s do it.

In saying that, I'm no “mother earth” all natural devotee… I will have Vegan Acai bowl for breaky and Macca’s for lunch. But I like the concept of natural, especially if it actually works!

So here are my favs;

Nature's Symphony – Ever wondered how I get that those floaty bouncy blonde curls (if I do say so myself)… it’s this stuff. It’s all natural and leaves my hair totally weightless. I have a really sensitive scalp too, so Nature's Symphony takes away any of those nasty chemicals that inflame it.

Now I’m not a natural blonde (WHATTTTTTT) and I use hairspray like its 1983… But these organic shampoo and conditioners really work, and makes me feel like I’m saving the world, even if I dump my head in a bowl of peroxide every few weeks.

 Sodashi – If you haven’t heard of this incredibly luxe brand… where have you been?!



Based in North Freo (right next to the Dingo Flour sign), this stuff is stocked in the top Day Spa’s around the world. This is nature at its finest – no gluggy oatmeal face scrub here. Its super refined serums will change your life.

Coffee Scrubs – Yes Yes Yes… It’s a simple concept – just real coffee grounds, as a scrub. Ok it’s messy. During your scrub time it looks like you’ve come in from ploughing an entire farm. I mean there is brown everywhere. And you'll still be finding coffee grounds in places you didn't know existed days later.

But after the mess, you’re left with a divine moisture slick across your skin. Your will feel like you’ve scrubbed away your imperfections and shiny new skin is revealed. It is addictive and life changing. The mess is worth it. Trust me.

 Kombucha – Total hippy right? But looking good on the outside comes from good insides. I have three Kombuchas a week. They have been life changing for my homeostasis, I haven’t had a pimple since I started taking them.

They taste a little weird. But the ginger beer flavoured ones really hide it, if you’re willing to give it a go.

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