Tanty Free TPFF2015


With just hours until kick-off, Telstra Perth Fashion Festival can be a stressful time. For many of us, it’s a week full of late night shows, early morning editing and uploads, plus 24 hour social media coverage.

In the past I have covered every major show, every night… to the point where after the final show my “after party” was spent rocking in the foetal position.

 But after many years sitting back row, sitting front row, being told by my Editor to move and had to awkwardly stand at the edge, I’ve realised one thing… The wonderful women who run this magical fashion world are just that. Wonderful. And no one actually cares what shows you’re invited to, where you sit, or even (shock horror) if you recycle an outfit for opening night.

I’ve got to personally know many of the ‘top-dogs’ in this mystical fashion world.  The show producers, designers, models and publicists that are at the top of their game…They’re the BAE’s and literally run the world***.

 And you know how they did it? Because they work bloody hard.

And it turns out, working that hard means they don’t have a lot of time to deal with minuscule details – like outfit repeats and your B-Row ticket.

I’ve heard so many stories about PTYs throwing tanties at a fashion show that it should be listed as a Basic Bitch trait, along with loving FroYo and using the #Blessed hashtag.

And it’s not to say that we don’t enjoy a little constructive criticism between friends… Put a group of women together and we’ll talk, but let’s be gracious. Be supportive. And send out good vibes for #TPFF2015.

***Disclaimer: By world we mean the Perth Fashion Industry

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  1. Word lady…. W.O.R.D.
    We should all feel #blessed* just to be part of it… now lets all go out and laugh and hug and have some FroYo**…

  2. Yes! So perfect. It’s gonna be a wild week, but we’re all in it for the same reason – we love Perth and we love fashion! Bring it on x

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