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At 18 we thought the best idea ever was home delivery Macca's… first experienced in Bali, it brought you a cheeseburger when you were so hungover from Jungle Juice even the thought of moving made you want to hurl.

Now a clever Perth start-up had decided to take it up a notch and offer a service that's not only willing to bring you breakfast in bed, but also clean your house…

So as pampered Gen-Y's continue creating #FirstWorldProblems, this is a serious #FirstWorldSolution for our hangovers…

Editor Gemma Walsh chatted with Founder James Hookway about Hangover Helpers, which launched this month.

So after a party I can go online and order not only breakfast but a cleaner too… seems a little too good to be true?

It's absolutely true, we take the headache out of hosting a party by rocking up the next morning fully stocked with fluids and food then we start cleaning up the mess.

We will have the place looking better than before the party even started. You don't even have to have a hangover.. call us up if you just want a weekend off cleaning the house - with breakfast in bed provided too of course.

Is there a guarantee my after-party cleaner wont judge me?

No judgements from any of the Helpers - we've all been there so don't worry.

Feel free to hide in your room the whole time if you can't face the world… we'll have things looking and smelling like nothing happened in no time!

And how messy is too messy?

We can handle just about anything hens, bucks, dinner parties, big bash's, sporting functions, weddings and whatever else you want to throw at us… however we can't clear away any stragglers that may still be kicking on.

So if you, like us, are partial to a few sneaky champers… check out

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