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Cult brand I Love Mr. Mittens (ILMM) has been awarded the 2015 ZOMP STYLEAID Creative Award.

Designer Stéphanie Caulier has created a unique and instantly identifiable brand, with her chunky knits being wrapped around some of Perth’s most fashionable identities.

Each ILMM garment is hand knitted with love by Stephanie and her team which include university students and retired pensioners.

We sat down with the deserving winner…

Congrats on the win - what does this mean to you & the brand?

Thank you. It is always great to receive recognition for the work you do and winning the Zomp creative Award is just wonderful.

Not many people know ILMM is based in Perth, WA so it’s nice to let people know we are here! The $5000 prize is great too, ILMM is a completely self funded company that started of with nothing so any extra income helps us out a lot.

ILMM has such a unique concept - tell us about the work that goes into your designs and knitting?

I always start off putting together some mood boards, write out ideas that pop in my head and research colours. After that we knit little testers and decide on stitches we will use for a certain piece. Then we start knitting the full garment which either results in a design we love or we knit it ten times over to get it right.

After that the patterns are written out and spec sheets and measurements are all poured into one. Based on the skill level of the knitter I then select which ones will try out a certain pattern. Every knitter knows about 1 to 3 different designs. It is a big job managing all of these ladies. They all have different time schedules, sometimes another job, kids, some are older some are slower or faster… I have been working with most for about 2 years so I now know them pretty well!

So what’s next for ILMM?

We are launching Spring-Summer collection in cotton soon! We have never done a full cotton collection. Will be interesting to see how this will be received with the ILMM audience.

Again this collection will be hand knitted. We are also getting ready to deliver to all of our International retailers for the first time. More than 75 stores worldwide will stock ILMM this year. Very Exciting!

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