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Arrive in Style with the Volvo V40 T5 R-Design

An incredibly wealthy woman once said to me, “Quality costs money, but don’t go around flashing your cash,” and that perfectly sums up the Volvo V40.

It’s humble luxury.

You can feel the quality of the car, the elements are superb but it’s not flashy. It’s pure class.

I was offered to arrive in style to The Social Pages events from Barbagallo Volvo and I must say, I did feel special driving this car.

It’s beautiful looking and the craftsmanship really turns heads.

Did I have a screaming match at the sat-nav because it couldn’t understand my Australian accent saying Karrinyup? Yes, but who hasn’t had that issue with a European car?

The V40 T5 R-Design also has a great kick, thanks to the 2.5L turbo engine… so much so I feel my stomach muscles tense every time she took off, a real thrill.

This car was a joy to drive and the safety aspects including a reverse camera and side-impact airbags makes this an intelligent choice too.

Now, I’m not a car-nut and I’m not claiming to know anything about the mechanics… But I know luxury, and I know style. This car has them both.

The Volvo V40 T5 R-Design - $59,296 Drive-away:

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