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Olympian Steven Bird modelling POCKET ROCKIT: Photography – Hannah Jones/Keeper Creative. Styling Guru & Creative Direction - Elise Papamihail /Elise Style

He’s a staple on the Perth social scene but after many years working with some of the cities biggest radio shows Brock Walter took the plunge into men’s fashion, launching POCKET ROCKIT last year.

Editor Gemma Walsh sat down with the style guru to talk pocket squares and one of our favourite events of the year, Polo in the Valley.

We've known each other for many years now – you've always had impeccable style, tell me why you love men's fashion?

You’re too kind Gem! But honestly I'm a convert. Like most guys, initially I thought 'fashion' was hard work. But once you understand the basics, you can play, and if you dare, break the rules.

The fun for me is seeing more lads learning to inject their personality and individualism into their clothes. With Instagram and celebrities like Pharrell Williams or Ryan Gosling, I think men of all ages have realised they can dress well and still be cool.

When I saw POCKET ROCKIT I thought, 'That is the perfect finishing touch for a stylish man', how did it all come about?

Coming from radio, I use to be able to wear whatever I liked, so it was a bit of a shock going into the corporate world.

Suiting up each day and joining the generic lemmings on the Terrace… That just wasn't me. Soon I stumbled across some pocket squares and I was pretty much hooked instantly!

So after adopting pocket squares and having fun with pocket origami in my everyday wear, it quickly became part of my personal look. One evening at a function, a friend asked, “Why don’t you design & produce your own?” ... And here we are celebrating our first year of business!

This is something I know a lot of men in my life have trouble with. With so many colours and patterns to pick… What are the secrets to choosing a tie and POCKET ROCKIT, to go with a shirt and suit combo?

Gone are the days where you would match a silk tie & pocket square!

Instead focus on picking a fleck of detail or colour in your tie or shirt and find a similar detail in a POCKET ROCKIT.

That's my advice, always to find a colour or a pattern in your shirt, tie, bow tie or jacket and then 'echo' it with your POCKET ROCKIT. I personally love a pop of colour and a texture look.

Lets talk Polo! You've attended your fair share of matches, what are your top ‘dos and don'ts’ for the day?

Yeah I've been very lucky to have seen my fair share of polo events. My tips?

Socialise and take the time to met new people. These events are always fantastic to meet interesting people and network.

Watch the actual polo game. It's a world-class sporting event; make sure you don't miss it! There is always someone 'polo educated' nearby who will be willing to explain the game if you don't know.

Donate! It's a charity event; don't be afraid to buy a raffle ticket or two that will be floating around.

And finally don't miss The Telethon Adventurers Rick Parish's entry! It’s always a show stopper!

We know the ladies get it right every time at the Polo, the style stakes are high – how do the guys keep up?

Gents, just make the effort & remember the devil is in the detail!

Spend a little time considering what you’re going to wear and then spruce yourself up with some cool accessories!

Watch, sunglasses, your favourite POCKET ROCKIT... Plus remember to shine & buff your shoes, freshly dry-clean your jacket and go visit Maurice Meade for a freshen up!

To get your own POCKET ROCKIT head to

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POCKET ROCKIT & FOUNDER BROCK WALTER / Photo courtesy of POCKET ROCKIT & The West Australian


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