How Jimmy Choo Gets Sad…


Jimmy Choo at Curtin University

The extremely charming Professor Jimmy Choo has spent a whirlwind week in Perth, but his final engagement was a public forum with WA’s budding designers.

The newly appointed ‘Adjunct-Professor’ of Curtin University held an all day Master Class, only his third in the world, with the fashion design school, as well as awarding a one year internship to a standout student, who will travel with Choo to London Fashion Week.

The public forum had Choo charming the audience with his tales of royalty and diva’s, saying Madonna gets couture Choos made when her partner is annoying her.

But his is a story of rags to riches, saying he survived off Maggi Noodles everyday day while starting out. But success has not changed him and he reminded the future designers to stay humble.

He also proved his talent being able to guess a shoe size perfectly, just by looking at a strangers foot.

And ladies you’ll be happy to know Professor Choo says even though a 4 - 5 inch heel, “Makes a women look sexy”… It’s comfort over aesthetics. Revealing it makes him very sad when he sees gorgeous women taking off their shoes because their feet hurt. Let’s hope he never comes to Perth Cup.

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