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Hayley Welsh transforming Neighbourhood Pizza in Mt Hawthorn for #PUBLIC2015


She’s known for her whimsical creatures, street art and children’s pop-up book but this week Hayley Welsh lent her illustrating talent to Public 2015, taking over a bland wall in Mount Hawthorn.

The artist, originally from Blackburn in the UK, will spend 4 days on scaffolding, transforming the blonde brick wall of Neighbourhood Pizza into a colourful piece featuring her famous monsters.

“This piece about helping each other to achieve, and features a balance between light and dark, neat and tidy, big and small.” Welsh said.

This is one of Welsh’s biggest street pieces to date and she says you have to be pretty confident to take part in such a public way of displaying your art.

“You’ve got to be pretty confident with your marking. And I guess the repetition of drawing new creatures and sketching as many times as I can helps.

“I freehand most of the sketching, using light lines and then going over the shapes I like with a darker one. I’ve got a 20 foot paint pole to work on the wall, like I would a piece of paper.”

“But if you put too much pressure on yourself, you’ll just freak out. With my mistakes, I’ll just try to work with them and try not to be too hard on myself,” she said.

Welsh is taking part in Form’s Public 2015, joining 50 other artists from around the world in transforming Perth’s alleyways and walls into spectacular street art.

She says any artist thinking of taking the plunge into street art should defiantly do it.

“It’s really empowering," she said.

“You’re putting something out there that you know loads of people are going to see and it’s a scale that you might not have seen your own work in before.

“When you’re doing it you’re wrapped up in it, in the zone, but afterward it’s really amazing to see it.”

Public is about engaging the public with non-traditional art. After many years of graffiti on our streets, Public uses street art to help transform neighbourhoods and expose amazing talent to the everyday person.

“I have people coming up saying thank you.

“I think with more exposure street art is becoming more popular. I’m excited to drive around and see what Perth looks like after. I really love it,” Welsh said.

For more info on #Public2015 head to www.form.net.au/public2015

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