Prince Harry Heads to Perth

The world’s most eligible bachelor is hitting our fair city as part of his final deployment, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

Prince Harry, who is now fourth in line to the throne thanks to his little nephew George, is being seconded to the Australian Army before quitting the military altogether.

Single ladies, that means it’s the perfect time to lock him down.

No worried nights alone at the palace when he’s off on a secret mission in Afghanistan, no helicopter training exercises and most importantly, no ‘Army Bros’ popping round for a few cold ones.

Captain Wales, will be spending time in Perth from mid-April, which means exactly one month to get bikini body ready… because we know how much he loves to strip down.

The H-dog also has a pretty defined lady type so if you’re a Chelsy Davy or Cressida Bonas look-a-like, you’re already halfway there. If not, now is the time go for a platinum change, AKA #KIMYE, because the Prince has never officially acknowledged a brunette bae.

So while you won’t have to fork out for an exxy flight to London to meet the Party-Prince, you do need to strategically place yourself at all the p-town hotspots he may be heading.

He will be based at either Government House (Where his granny the Queen slept while on Royal Duty here in 2011) or Campbell Barracks (if he’s trying to be one of the lads… Lets hope old Benny Cousins doesn’t make an appearance again).

If he’s in the CBD, the security risk of snipers in the towering buildings means many of our rooftop bars would be out… We think the London lad needs something dark and moody, so he can shy away from any prying paparazzi.  Our top pick? Bobéche. Not only is it super close to the Governors digs, it also has minimum natural light and a drinks menu inspired by the 1937 Café Royal Cocktail Book.

If he is serving at Campbell Barracks there is only one place for him… The Cottesloe Beach hotel.

Pop “princess” Kylie Minogue was spotted there this week, so if it’s good enough for Aussie music royalty, we’re sure it’s good enough for Hazza. The red-headed Windsor will have to slap on the sunscreen to protect that pale English skin but he is guaranteed to meet a nice Western Suburbs Blonde.

Ladies this is not a rehearsal... Stalk your way to the top and maybe you’ll be calling K-Mid your sister-in-law by Christmas.


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