Meet Our Girl Crush… Bruug’s Tash Butler

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Street Style; Designer Tash Butler on location Photo credit:  Tristan Jud

She stormed onto the Perth fashion scene in 2013 with her super wearable and affordable label Bruug. Now the nicest women in fashion, Tash Butler, talks with editor Gemma Walsh about her collaborations, the year ahead and her hunk of a hubby.

You are known as possibly the nicest person in fashion - how important are the people you collaborate with and relationships in this city?

Of all the things people have said about me since I started this business, that is possibly the one that has made me the happiest, so thank you!  And to answer your question, I am lucky to work with some of the best in the business and this comes with a certain level of respect and loyalty.  I believe that respect is something that is really missing in everyday life and it is something that we really work to encourage at BRUUG.  Plus, it is these relationships that make us work harder for each other - that genuine interest in making sure you never let any of these collaborators down.

The vast majority of Perth designers sell at significantly higher price point then Bruug... what made you go for affordability as well as style?

I went for affordability for a couple of reasons. First, if I’m honest, was purely a business decision.  We were entering the market so fresh, unknown and un-tested.  The affordable price point meant that everyone could experience BRUUG.

Secondly, girls haven’t changed over the years, we still want to look stylish and let’s face it, new clothes make us shine that little bit brighter.  But whilst us girls haven’t changed, our environment has.  Everything is so expensive these days with wages not really following suit, plus social media is making it harder and harder to ‘recycle’ outfits - affordable style seemed like a great niche to settle BRUUG into.  A niche that I found myself quite passionate about.

I remember your launch at Carillion City, doesn't seem that long ago! But you're coming up to 2years of Bruug - what are you up to now?

Tell me about it!  We have something super exciting in the works, that I cannot talk about just yet, but it is safe to say that by the time the 2nd birthday comes around we hope to have really taken the business to the next level.  For now though, we are part of the fashion event of the year SUITED, exclusively showcasing our AW 14 which has seen us enter the Melbourne market - which is exciting. We will also be opening our Spring 14 sales in a few weeks and hopefully gearing up for TPFF this year.

When you first launched Bruug it was "WAG Tash Butler" but now you're established it's "Designer Tash Bulter" how do these labels sit with you?

To be honest, I will always be grateful for the label WAG because a) it means that I’m always connected to my babe of a husband and b) it gave me an ‘in’ with the people of Perth.

Without it, I think it may have taken a bit longer to make myself heard amongst all the talent in Perth.  So I am so grateful for the opportunity it afforded me.  That being said, it is so nice to graduate to “Designer” because for me it reflects a sort of acceptance, which is all anyone could ever ask for no matter their choice of work or passion.

Speaking of WAGS, your husband is the last remaining premiership player, surely retirement is being talked about - what do you envisage in a life without football, a men's collection maybe?

The men’s collection is definitely in the works, mainly because I worry about what my husband will wear in his next job when trainers and footy shorts are no longer suitable. Ha!

But honestly, for all the success he has had in his footy career, I think he will be a million times more amazing in the next, whenever that may happen.  He is wildly intelligent and so driven, I’m so excited to see what he does next.  Although, I must say, he does have a great career in modelling should he want to take it on…



Bruug campaign image
Models - Abbey Gelmi, Chadwicks + Samuel Butler
Hair:  Adriana Wainstein
MUA:  Bev Wood
Producer:  Jacqui Brown
Photography:  Cheyne Tillier-Daly

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