Fitness Sensation Kayla Itsines


She is an Instagram sensation and is promoting how to get the best bikini bod of your life… We sat down with Kayla Itsines as she finishes her Aussie wide booty bootcamp with Hit92.9


2.4 million Followers on Instagram – that means your beating most of the Victoria's Secret girls, Kate Hudson even Gwyneth Paltrow… tells us about "Instafame" - how did it come about and what does it really bring?

I always think it’s not ‘Instafame’ – it’s not about me, it’s about the clients and what I can do for them. I started by uploading their transformation photos on Instagram and it sort of grew from there.

It really was a quick thing that sort of just burst.

From there, we did transformations, exercise ideas and then we started the e-book and we had girls from all over the world sending in their transformations.

At the start it was my clients that I was training, because I’ve been a personal trainer since 2009. It was amazing seeing all the girls from all over the world sending in their transformations.

You're a Personal Trainer from Adelaide… At what point did you think "this is going to be big"?

I never thought it was going to be big. Honestly I didn’t ever have a plan for it to be a massive thing like it is. Now that it is, obviously I’m very grateful and blessed to be able to help so many women around the world but I never thought it was going to be huge – it just sort of hit me.
You've been travelling Australia doing boot camps with Hit92.9 – how many people are there to really sweat it out and how many just want a #selfie with you?

Yeah there is a little bit of a hype that comes with these boot camps but a lot of the girls do my guide and they really want to meet me and see what it’s like to train.

Obviously with the guide, you’re doing it by yourself – it’s good to be in an environment with girls all over Perth doing the guide together and meeting each other. I guess I’m just as excited to meet them as they are to meet me.

It’s good for us to all come together as a community.

Your Bikini Body Guide is a 12-week program, which contains a clean eating meal plan and workout plan…. Seems simple enough – but what do you say to the thousands of women who work full time / have elderly  parents or kids to look after / barely have time to cook a meal / love nothing more than a few wines on a Friday night?

So the guides at the moment, they’re actually 24 weeks – in 12 week blocks.

So it’s 6 months however it doesn’t stop there, so you can continue that through.

It is created for these exact kind of women, it is created for women on the go, women with kids – basically women that are time poor. Which a lot of people are.

This is why we created the 28 minutes so it’s easy, it’s fast, it’s high intensity and you’ve got a community around you that can support you.
People follow you for 'bikini body' inspiration; it must be a lot of pressure to stay in shape?

It’s not actually hard to stay in shape when you’re doing my guides.

It’s 28 minutes – three times a week.

So it’s not an effort for me or anyone to stay in shape, to stay motivated or to be inspired because it’s basically written down there for you.

Its 28 minutes, its high intensity but you can get it done.

That’s why so many women are loving it and doing it, they are motivated they are inspired – they aren’t putting in hours and hours of effort every day and every week.

It’s designed for them.


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